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Timing Your Vitamins
Taking vitamins is an important way to boost your nutritional intake. The timing of when we take vitamins, though, can be as vital as the fact that we take them. To ensure that we get the most out of vitamins and supplements when is the best time to take them? We asked Melissa Dorval, RD, to help us understand when the best time is to take vitamins and supplements.

What Nutrients Should Prenatal Multivitamins Contain?

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  • Nature Made Fish Oil Which Nature Made Fish Oil is Right for You
    Learn about the benefits of fish oil, the quality of our fish oil, dosage information and the differences in our formulas. You can also read frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our fish oil products.

    Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin D
    Vitamin D has emerged as the “star supplement” because of its many nutritional benefits for both men and women. Vitamin D plays a key role in the proper absorption of calcium for strong bones and teeth. This important vitamin also enhances immune system strength in adults. Unfortunately, too many Americans are not getting enough of this “star supplement.”

    Nature Made - Key Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails Background Key Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails
    While eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are important ways to look and feel your best, there are certain key nutrients that are needed to support healthy hair, skin and nails.†

    In the News: Nature Made® TripleFlex® Triple Strength
    Pharmavite LLC, the manufacturer of Nature Made®, disputes the Consumer Reports’ chondroitin sulfate testing methodology used for its Nature Made TripleFlex® Triple Strength product as featured in the publication’s October issue, which review of glucosamine and chondroitin combination products.

    Top 5 Supplements for Good Health Top 5 Supplements for Good Health
    The right program of vitamin supplements can help deliver a natural recipe for fulfilling a healthy diet and supporting overall health. With so many supplements to choose from, here is a list of the top five supplements to create a powerful core regimen for good health in the new year.

    Heart Health Vitamins Heart Health & Function Supplements
    Being proactive with your heart health can certainly help when you’re striving to support your overall health. Let Nature Made’s broad line of nutritional supplements help you with your heart health effort.

    How to Choose Your Daily Multivitamin
    Multivitamins are an easy, convenient way to help your body get the nutritional support it needs every day. But how to choose?

    A Guide to B Vitamins A Guide to the B Vitamins
    There are so many B vitamins it can be easy to forget what each one is for. We have put together a friendly little guide to let you know what each B vitamin does for you and why they are essential to ensuring your health and energy level.

    Nature Made - How to Get the Most Out of Taking Probiotics Background How to Get the Most Out of Taking Probiotics
    If you’ve been taught to view bacteria as a bad thing, you’re only half right. There are both good and bad bacteria in your body. These good bacteria are known as probiotics, and they help keep your digestive system healthy and functioning well.

    How Much Fish Oil Should You Take How Much Fish Oil Should You Take?
    EPA and DHA Omega-3s Are What Counts!

    Many people focus on the dosage of fish oil to take, like 1000 mg or 1200 mg, but it is really the omega-3s that matter. The two types of omega-3 fatty acids to focus on are EPA and DHA.

    Supplements for a Healthy, Active Lifestyle Supplements to Support a Healthy Active Lifestyle
    Consuming a healthy diet is a vital component for good health and for sustaining a rigorous exercise routine.

    CoQ10 Plus B Vitamins for Energy CoQ10 Plus B Vitamins for Cellular Energy
    Learn why it may be important to supplement your diet with CoQ10 and B vitamins: key nutrients that help your body maintain a healthy supply of energy.

    A Proactive Approach to Long-Term Joint Health
    Glucosamine and chondroitin – two of the most common ingredients in joint supplements, and two of the main ingredients in TripleFlex products – are nutrients which are the natural building blocks for joint cartilage, the bodily structure essential for joint comfort, mobility and flexibility.†

    Fight Free Radicals With Antioxidants
    Antioxidants are powerful nutrients that protect the healthy cells of the body from the negative effects of free radical compounds. Free radicals can result from a variety of causes such as normal metabolic reactions in the body, cigarette smoke, pollution and sun exposure. If free radical activity is left uncontrolled, then the health of the body can suffer. Thus, it is beneficial to consume antioxidant nutrients through your diet to help combat free radicals and promote overall health.

    Prenatal and Postnatal Vitamins and Nutrition
    Take a look at the nutritional support a women should be getting before, during and after pregnancy with these supplements from Nature Made.

    Timing Your Vitamins
    Taking vitamins is an important way to boost your nutritional intake. The timing of when we take vitamins, though, can be as vital as the fact that we take them. To ensure that we get the most out of vitamins and supplements when is the best time to take them? We asked Melissa Dorval, RD, to help us understand when the best time is to take vitamins and supplements.

    Sterols and Stanols: An Effective Way
    to Manage Cholesterol

    Sterols and stanols are plant-based compounds that have been clinically shown to effectively, naturally and safely lower cholesterol levels and promote heart health. Nature Made CholestOff is a safe and effective supplement for improving cholesterol levels and supporting heart health.

    Supporting a Vegetarian Lifestyle
    Meat or no meat? If you follow a strict vegetarian diet, then you know very well that a meatless meal is your selection!

    Nature Made - Common Nutrient Shortfalls: What Americans are Missing Background Vitamin Deficiency: Common Vitamins You Might Be Lacking, and Why
    The best and primary source for essential daily nutrients is a diet rich in a variety of foods. However, as many as 9 out of 10 Americans fall short in getting some key nutrients necessary for good health.

    Feeling Vibrant & Healthy:
    Vitamins Formulated for People 50+

    Because of all the nutrition-related changes that occur with the aging process, adults 50 years of age and older may benefit from nutritional supplementation.

    Are You Getting Enough Calcium?
    According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and may break from a minor fall, and, may strike at any age. Getting adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D is one essential step to optimizing bone health. Furthermore, low blood calcium levels may also cause muscle spasms and leg cramps. Bottom line: You do need to get enough calcium every day for good health and to maintain strong healthy bones for life.

    Making the Most of Your Day
    Making the most of your day certainly depends on having enough energy. Some of the most dependable ways to remain ready to seize the day is to make healthy choices and habits a part of your regular routine.

    Sleep doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sweet Dreams. Sweet Dreams
    Ever find that you have a hard time falling asleep, or sleep only fitfully waking every few hours? Sleep doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are ways to help fall asleep and stay asleep, but different techniques work for different people.

    Botanical Health: Guide to Using Herbs
    From the earliest of times, people have relied on plants to address health concerns. Today, a number of things continue to fuel a growing interest in natural health including a cultural use of natural herbs, ongoing scientific study and government funding for complementary and alternative healthcare.

    Supporting a Healthy Mood
    Feeling blue? As the long winter months loom ahead, the Wellness Advisor has some advice which may help brighten your mood. Here are some tips which may help you feel a bit sunnier.

    Nature Made - How To Personalize your Supplement Regimen Background How to Personalize your Supplement Regimen: What to Take and How Much
    Are you looking to start a nutritional supplement regimen, but aren’t sure where to start? Assessing your individual needs such as your health goals or concerns will help you know where to begin.

    Benefits of Zinc
    Zinc is an essential trace element that only recently came to light as important for human nutrition and is active in many processes within our bodies. Numerous aspects of cellular metabolism are zinc-dependent. Zinc plays important roles in growth and development, the immune response, neurological function, and reproduction.

    Calcium from Milk Guide to Minerals: Calcium and Magnesium
    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is found primarily in the skeleton where it helps build and support bones and teeth.† Other important functions dependent on calcium include muscle contraction, regulation of heartbeat, and blood clotting.†

    Top Five Nutrients that Support Your Immune System
    During the fall and winter months, it seems like our immune systems need extra support to help sustain our overall health and wellbeing. While there are several ways to help ensure a well-functioning immune system, making sure that we provide our bodies with nutrients that support immune system health is also really important.

    Nature Made - An "Inside" Look at Probiotics: How They're Working in Your System Icon An "Inside" Look at Probiotics: How They’re Working in Your System
    Your digestive system relies on a balance of both good and bad bacteria to do its job. However, a bacteria imbalance can lead to all kinds of gastrointestinal issues2. One way you can support your gut balance3 is by taking probiotics, which are available in foods as well as supplements.

    Commonly Asked Questions about Vitamins and Supplements Commonly Asked Questions About Vitamins and Supplements
    The majority of Americans take supplements daily or occasionally1, yet many aren’t sure which ones to take, how much to take, or even when to take them.

    Which CholestOff Product is Right for You?
    Nature Made has three formulations of CholestOff ® to help reduce your cholesterol levels.† Registered dietitian, Lynn Laboranti, defines the characteristics of each product to help you find the formulation that is right for you.

    Navigating a Lifetime of Nutrition
    Women have special nutritional needs at various stages of life. Starting early in the reproductive years, there are certain nutrients that are key to overall health. Pregnancy and breastfeeding bring so much joy, but also come with their own nutritional demands. As women enter their mature years, they endure physical and physiological changes in their body.

    Nature Made - Flaxseed Oil: A Great Way to Get Omega-3s Background Flaxseed Oil: A Great Way to Get Omega-3s
    Flaxseed oil is a great plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids for those who avoid fish in their diet. Read on to discover more about flaxseed oil and its benefits.

    Nature Made Probiotics What Probiotics Are and Choosing the Probiotic Right for You
    There are both good and bad bacteria in your body. Seem confusing? Not sure where to start? We’ve broken down the most common questions as it relates to digestive health and probiotics below.

    Nature Made - Heart Healthy Foods Background Heart Healthy Foods
    It's great to know that Fish Oil and CoQ10 supplements help in supporting a healthy heart and heart function†, respectively, but what kind of foods can you eat to support heart health? Here's a quick run-down of the foods you should eat to support a healthy heart.

    Understanding CoQ10
    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a fat-soluble nutrient produced naturally by our bodies. Found in every cell in the body, CoQ10 is concentrated in organs that require the most energy — such as the heart, liver, muscles and kidneys.

    A New Day: Vitamins Taken A Different Way
    Vitamins have come a long way from the traditional pill or tablet form, Nature Made® provides a wide variety of new forms for nutritional support.

    Nature Made - Starting Your Supplement Regimen Background Starting Your Supplement Regimen
    Making the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle is fairly easy, but putting it into practice on a daily basis is more difficult. Busy lifestyles often interfere with efforts to eat a more balanced, healthier diet. Have you ever tried to eat 5-6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday? It’s no secret that most Americans don’t follow the guidelines set by the food guide pyramid. Fortunately, supplements are there to fill in the nutritional gaps.

    Supplements and Foods to Support Healthy Eye Function
    Vitamin A, along with the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin, all play important roles in eye health support.†

    Enhancing Energy
    Are you barely dragging yourself around? Maybe your lack of energy shows in just coming home at the end of the day and finding it hard to get off the sofa.

    Nature Made - Magnesium: Another Important Mineral Background Magnesium: Another Important Mineral
    Most commonly identified as an electrolyte and touted for its role in maintaining mineral balance, magnesium works hand-in-hand with calcium. Magnesium is also involved in over 300 essential metabolic functions making this mineral a key player in energy and metabolism.